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              Dr Botanicals

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              London based beauty brand Dr Botanicals use natural ingredients including oils and plant extracts to make a genuine difference to the skin. Completely natural, cruelty-free and paraben and harmful preservative free, the brand has created an award-winning skincare range which is truly luxurious and great for sensitive skin.

              I have badly dry, chapped lips. How can I heal them effectively?

              The Dr Botanicals Total Repair Healing Lip Complex will moisturise and revitalise your pout. It makes a brilliant smoothing lip primer to apply your lip products over as well being a hard working anti-ageing serum. The fortifying and energising formula is made with pomegranate oil, goji berries and shea butter to hydrate deeply into the skin, repair and protect the lips from weather, pollution and UV damage and protect from the signs of ageing. 

              I need a body wash to hydrate my skin for a silky soft texture?

              The Dr Botanicals Advanced Ultra-Rejuvenating Body Wash is sulphate-free, creating a rich, luxurious texture. Enriched with green tea, grapefruit oil and rosemary oil, this body wash reduces inflammation, is a natural antiseptic and helps to increase circulation. Tannins from the green tea scavenge for free radicals to leave your skin healthy and refreshed. 

              My skin needs a fast-acting, efficient detox quickly, what should I use?

              The Dr Botanicals Advanced 12 Hour Night Detox Cream is formulated to regenerate your skin whilst you sleep so you’ll wake up with a hydrated, refreshed complexion. Infused with elderflower extract, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, this detox cream combats uneven skin tone whilst reducing visible fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be instantly renewed overnight for a velvety soft, recharged, glowing complexion.
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