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              If you want more from your make up, then PUR Minerals is the brand for you. The cosmetics that this global brand offers won’t just get you looking gorgeous, but will care for your skin at the same time using quality ingredients and formulas. The company was created to help women everywhere look and feel their best in their skin, no matter their age or skin tone, and with these innovative mineral make-up products you can correct and perfect your look whilst taking care of your skin all the while. Within the products you’ll find the brand’s patented Ceretin Complex – a winning combination of anti-ageing retinol and hydrating ceramides – as well as Vitamin C and Waltheria Extract in many of the products for a bright and even skin tone. Plus, you'll often find SPF within the formulas to protect your skin against UV rays, and many also contain shea butter for enhanced texture and tone.

              Not only does the brands offer mineral make-up products of the highest quality, but the collection is also extensive and diverse. If you’re looking to add a splash of classy colour to your eyes, then pick up a mineral eyeshadow from the professional range. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect base for your face? Then take a look at the mineral foundation available and pick the perfect shade for you. You can even get your hands on make up brushes and tools if you’re looking to complete your cosmetics set. On top of all of this, the brand is committed to producing cruelty-free products, and ensures that it always remains eco-friendly. Pick up innovative mineral make up today and transform your cosmetics routine with the help of BeautyExpert.com. Free delivery worldwide.

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